A short bio about myself

I’m not sure precisely what your way of thinking is however for me personally, 9-to-5 office endeavor is just not my cup of tea. I ended up at one moment of time, living under such deception. At one point of time, I was even into thinking that those going around in their professional office attires & suits were great. After the university, I was pumped up about establishing my own corporate career.


It is now 2 year since my college graduation and things are not exactly identical as they used to seem to me. Professional jobs are quite simply not as superb as I depicted them to be. No, I’m not a failure. I actually had gotten myself into among the many most acclaimed companies in the world and that is real, I can reveal to you. However guess what, the 2 years that I devoted working there was filled with suffering and it was difficult for me to force myself to cling even until six pm and that was the first time I told myself that it was most likely best to switch.

Some people will call me impulsive or inexperienced but I consider that I have prepared what I’m supposed to do prior to reaching my choice, among them trying to discover how my friends were performing with their employment. I do not come across many of them to be in more exciting position than myself. I ought to convey to you that money is not the issue in this case. As a lot of us were employed in largely profitable companies, we were well recognized in financial terms.

I called it stop not as a result of there was no job certainty. Really, it turned out to be the office politics that triggered my decision. I love to be just the way I am and wouldn’t be able to stand it if I need to show a side that I am not. I love arguing but strictly when folks argue on the benefits of an idea instead of some hidden agenda. I attempted to think that my days if I have to bear such thing for twenty or thirty years. Life is short and too precious. After months of procrastination, I made the decision to cease delaying and never to look backward anymore.


While not everyone had been privileged enough to do it, I was able to accumulate meaningful savings from my 2 years of corporate pursuit and that granted me to realize my dream in life. Presently, I am spending my times inside and out of the kitchen and while fatigued I might be, I am not always looking at my watches and wait for the hour to touch past 6.

This blog is portion of my interest and side activities. They are merely my approach to telling what I understand and run through every day. You might think my content motivating and that is awesome. Otherwise, thanks for dropping by.

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